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1. What is the leading cause of adult Partial Foot Amputation (PFA)?*
2. What is one of the predictable gait deficits secondary to amputation of at least the 1st met head or higher?*
3. What is the primary consequence of shearing forces? *
4. What is the neutral sagittal plane calcaneal angle with the ankle at neutral?*
5. What is the anticipated limb length loss associated with a TMA? *
6. What material is generally preferred to fabricate the “socket” or distal cushion in a partial foot prosthesis?*
7. What is the PRIMARY cause of pediatric partial foot amputations?*
8. What is the predictable result of shearing forces within the foot?*
9. What is/are the cause(s) of “apropulsive gait”?*
10. What is the ONLY proven method of controlling shearing forces in a TMA?*
11. In open chain, the anterior tibialis does which of the following?*
12. The closed chain eccentric function of the tibialis anterior is *
13. What is one of the PRIMARY outcomes of managing a TMA with a PLS?*
14. What is the most appropriate method to deal with an acquired bulbous heel deformity?
15. What is the ratio of upper limb to lower limb congenital amputations?*
16. A trans-metatarsal amputation will result in what loss of power across the ankle? *
17. Which criteria are required for the center of pressure to extend past the end of the residual limb in patients with trans-metatarsal or higher amputations? *
18. Which is the MAJOR source of energy loss during gait?*
19. Which motion is NOT a strategy for reducing the collision?*
20. Which criteria MUST be met to allow movement of the center of pressure beyond the end of the residual limb during ambulation following a partial foot amputation?*
Must score 80% or higher to earn CEUs from ABC/BOC and receive Certificate
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