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1. Of the gait purposes Perry lists in her Gait Analysis book, which is first on the list?*
2. What are the first muscles to fire to initiate gait?*
3. Which of the following can be a cause of apropulsive gait?*
4. During gait, what is the name of the transition point from open chain to closed chain?*
5. In which rocker does the windlass mechanism occur?*
6. Which is the only rocker in which there is concentric muscle activity in the calf?*
7. The second rocker is also referred to as which of the following?*
8. Which of the following AFO designs will minimize disuse atrophy of the calf?*
9. Which of the following AFOs provide dynamic response or kinetic return?*
10. What is the second primary function of the gastrocnemius, besides ankle plantarflexion?*
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