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1. Which BEST describes the dynamics of Allard AFOs?*
2. What materials are used in the manufacturing of Allard AFOs, EXCEPT Flow and Pediatric versions?*
3. When performing an open chain evaluation, which of the following is FALSE?*
4. Which of the following should be examined during gait assessment?*
5. There are 8-Steps to customizing Allard AFOs. Which is NOT one of those steps?*
6. What year was ToeOFF® introduced?*
7. All 2.0 and 2 ½ models of Allard AFOs do NOT offer the practitioner:*
8. Which Allard AFOs feature a reduced heel height and lower toe lift for more space in the toe box?*
9. The ToeOFF® 2 ½ Addition is available in what colors?*
10. There are NO pediatric ToeOFF® options available?*
11. Allard’s FLOW AFO models offer:*
12. What feature of the Ypsilon® Flow ½ provides less pressure on the tibia?*
13. ToeOFF® Flow 2 ½ is ideal for? *
14. Allard offers how many AFO options?*
15. Which does NOT apply to Not-4-Resale 6PAKS:*
16. What factors are critical in selecting the appropriate Allard AFO?*
17. Which of the following would be the least important consideration in selecting product size?*
18. If a patient measures for a size medium ToeOFF® what can be done to increase stability of the orthosis?*
19. In pediatric applications a SMO is used in conjunction with BabyGAIT or KiddieGAIT®?*
20. Which of the following is NOT true?*
21. What is the primary function of using a foot orthotic with the Allard AFO?*
22. What shoe type is best suited for use with Allard AFOs?*
23. Which of the following describes how an Allard AFO combined with a socket and filler prosthesis can benefit a patient with a partial foot amputation?*
24. Which of the following is NOT correct regarding alignment?*
25. Which of the following is TRUE?*
26. If the knee extension moment occurs too early in the gait cycle, how can you best accommodate?*
27. Which of the following is a contraindication for Allard AFOs?*
28. When should you consider reinforcing the footplate/strut junction with a high durometer material?*
29. Which of the following is TRUE about Allard AFO interface options?*
30. The CoverKIT™ will work with which Allard AFOs?*
31. To resolve distal shell pressure:*
32. To resolve distal shell gap:*
33. Which of the following is a solution to resolve distal strut pressure?*
34. What are options for patients who do NOT like the carbon fiber look or need a BlueROCKER® and don’t like the blue color?*
35. Which of the following would you NOT need to discuss with your patient after the fitting?*
36. Which of the following is TRUE?*
37. Allard AFO Warranty Policy for adult versions is:*
38. Select the statement that does NOT identify a key element of optimizing product durability?*
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